Students and teachers

Today, as never before, the consumption of healthy, safe and good quality food produced according to sustainability criteria is a very topical issue and a strategic choice for the future. This is the same future that you can help to shape.
The European Union, through dedicated policies and funds, such as the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), supports farmers in producing food in a more sustainable way, with particular attention to social dimension.
How does the CAP works?
Through multimedia contents, workshops and training sessions, we will understand together what goals the CAP establishes and what concrete measures it implements to achieve them.

ParteciPAC is aimed at:


eager to learn and strengthen the skills already acquired to empower them and prepare them to make decisions regarding their future daily (nutrition, environment) and professional life.


eager to incorporate “sustainability” into their teaching activity by providing them with useful and reliable resources

ParteciPAC materials, multimedia contents and webinars are in Italian.